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How Do I Buy A Business That Is The Right Business For Me At
The Right Price And Financing That Will Be Successful Long Term?

Hi, I am Ace Chapman. For the last decade I have bought and sold over a dozen businesses. I have also
helped other business buyers build deal flow, find businesses on the hidden market, do due diligence,
and complete valuations.

Buying a business is often one of the largest investments you will make in your life. Unfortunately many
people acquire a business they regret because they did not learn what the experts know about buying
a business.

If you are motivated by personal accomplishment, stimulated by challenge, and want to be your own boss,
then business ownership is for you. However, let someone else take the risk and high cost of starting from

Buying an established business provides you with two of the three necessary components of success –
a proven location (or customer base) and the right product. You provide the third ingredient – management.

The following are just some of the advantages of buying an established business versus starting a new one:

  • Get up and running quickly
  • A successful business may stay successful while you get up to speed
  • May have equipment and assets you want
  • Set-up and installation costs are cheaper or not necessary
  • Their clientele may be your clientele
  • Expenses, scale and revenues are known
  • Easier to get licenses and permits
  • Easier to get loans and other financing
  • Intangibles: Goodwill, Brand Name
  • Supplier relationships are established
  • Trade credit may be established
  • Inventory is in place
  • Get key employees on your team
  • Get trained experienced employees and staff
  • Little competitive backlash or reaction
  • May be able to use the experience and advice of the previous owner